Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snakehead of white bunglow

715 am..cast alone at drain near village X .
My first catch..200grm haruan..Yehoo!
Solid hook up on the lip
My second catch 100grm haruan...small but good jumper
Close up view..haruan with Seahawk mini frog ( brown)
Small snakehead with my weapon...Abu Garsia C3
Catch and released...8am i pack my gear and back home . Today i get 7 strikes but only manage to catch 2 small haruan...Hmmm..till next hunt .


Fish Whisperer said...

Something is better than nothing my friend. Well done.

MIZLAN said...

that true Mr Fish Whisperer..i try again

MancingGembira said...

Nice Catch brother.
I love the location.
Mancing Gembira