Monday, March 15, 2010

The drain of green carpet : the revange

640am..Cast alone at drain near village X .
My first catch..300grm haruan..Yehoo!!!
A mouth full of lure...Eupro Superior frog
My second catch..400grm haruan ..Yehoo!
Close view..haruan with Scum frog
Haruan with my weapons today...Abu Garsia Cardinal 105 spinning + Abu Garsia Ultra Cast II rods + 20lb EX-5 Eupro braided

My third catch 400grm haruan..Yes!
This haruan rip off my scum frog...wooo..pure evil!
My fourth catch...500grm haruan ...Yehoo!!! .

Solid hook up ! haruan swallowing scum frog down deeply . Wow! ...840am i pack my gear and back home . All haruans i catch i give to my friend to cook haruan soup because his wife had operation yesterday. According to some research , the haruan ( Channa Striatus ) fish contains medicinal values . In Malaysia the malays folk usually prepared haruan fish soup for woman who give birth or those who had surgery because it is believe to be good for health and heal the womb faster...Till next hunt !

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