Saturday, February 18, 2012

Double purple love

430pm...cast with my friends at " Banana farm" near Village X .Yeahhh!!!..let the hunt begin!

Cast almost one hour but no solid hook up..than i change lure to Hanomiya popper frog . Cast near weedy area...i supposed it was short spalashy pouse made during retrieve that eventually get to nerve of haruan . I did not expect it all as the haruan move below without warning to grab my Hanomiya popper frog and than went straight down for cover , followed by the emergence of some nice bubbles .
I immediately reated with good yank which forced the haruan to take the air. Wow!!! was a nice specimen of 47cm , a size which good enought to be considered a whopper by local standart..yehooo!!!

Solid hook up by Hanomiya popper frog!

Big mama 47cm with my weapons..Daiwa Alphas 103 reel + Major Craft Slicer rod

My friend...Ridzuan catch haruan using Hanomiya white frog...bravo!

Hanomiya frog killer lure today

Yeahh...time to catch and released !

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