Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snakehead TNT

Cast with my friends today at " snakehead heaven " near Village X . Get lot of strikes!

Cast Surecatch junior frog in the middle of drain..get one big strike...booom!!!..yeahhhh!!!

Wow! snakehead swallowed surecatch junior frog

My second catch..strike near weedy area..yeahaaaaaaa!!!

Ho...ho..ho ! Haruan swallowed Scum frog!

My third catch...yehooo!!!

Scum frog the serial killer !

Victor catch snakehead with Sum frog..yeah! bravo my friend !

Scum frog rock the world !

Ridzuan first catch..yeahh!

Hanomiya frog solid hook up!

Ridzuan second catch..bravo!

All snakeheads i released back to new area...till next fight Mr Channa!

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