Friday, February 3, 2012

My new weapon...DAIWA Alphas 103 Type F

Today i recived my new weapon from Japan...DAIWA Alphas 103 Type F...yeahhh!!!

The small body reel Alphas-F targets finesse fishing. In the technique, anglers use 6-12lb test lines, to fish at water with many anglers. The reel also serves well for pitching and flipping with 20-30lb test lines, as the super low profile body offers the comfort in palm, as well as the light weight help your wrist.

The 33mm dia duralumin ultra light spool casts light rig easily. The small body still hold the same line capacity as other TD 103 reels. MagforceV brake system offers comfort in casting.

This Type-F, freshwater version Alphas has 2 more ball bearing at handle and make the total to 8+1 to offer the smoothest cranking, and also reduced some weight from the original Alphas to cope with the high performance demand from vivid anglers.Recommended for freshwater use .


Basspastor said...

Sweet reel!

Puaka Anglerz Tribe said...

ini!!! ini!!! ini!!! ini sungguh cun!!!