Thursday, October 9, 2008

Barkley Gulp vs snakehead

This is my Barkley Gulp and Barkley powerbait that i bought at Kota kinabalu while in went there doing some job . The shop that sell this Barkley Gulp and Barkley powerbait was told by my friend...Mr ming2elly ,as he was also a snakehead hunter like me.

Berkley Glup technique

Ring tube


Drop shot

Ring float



Ringg wacky

Ringg jig

I can't wait to use all Barkley Gulp to hunt snakehead


T. Brook Smith said...

I'm excited to see what you get with those soft plastics, Mizlan.

I often find they'll catch fish with nothing else will.

Good luck!

Jeff Douglas said...

That Texas-rigged tube looks interesting. It's not the same offset hook I use with a worm, but I think I'll get the proper hooks and give it a try.

Jeff Douglas said...

Have you tried wacky rigs? It just doesn't look right to me, but I guess it is becoming popular.

mizlan said...

This friday i will try catch snakehead using Barkley Gulp..wish me luck