Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spinnerbait aka janggut : the untold story

Spinnerbait are artifical baits design to provoke a response from predatory fish as they pass through their line of vision,either because the fish are hungry or because they are defending their territory.

colorado blade

Mini bushwacker

Willow blade
Combination blade

There are many uses for a spinner-bait; it can be used as a fish finder, a deep water bait, a shallow water bait, a bait that covers a lot of area in a short time, you can drop it like a worm or speed it up like a rattle trap. All these uses allow you to make it one of the most flexible baits in your tackle box. A Bait that you could just about fish exclusively on a fishing trip and catch a good stringer of snakehead with day after day. The key to this is to understand what a spinner-bait emulates in the water and how to make it perform like you want it to.

If you can imagine a baitfish in the water, erratically swimming along the top, bottom or in the thermo-cline you basically understand what this bait emulates. Now that we have established this, the next thing is to understand that snakehead are predators, and they love to strike what appears to be wounded, its kind of like the class room bully, they always pick on the ones that look like they can beat or win.


Well a snakehead acts much the same; if a baitfish appears weak it will strike it in a heartbeat. So the key is to make this bait appear erratic in the water, act wounded, play hurt, or just plain loud so it aggravates snakehead . If you can do this the sky is the limit on ways you can make this bait work, look or act in the water. So this is why this bait can be so versatile, you can fish it in shallow water by ripping it along the top of grass or structure.

Spinnerbait techniques

Slow rolling

Wake and bulging




Chuck and wind


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