Thursday, October 16, 2008

Malayan pangolin ( Manis javanica )

5pm,I went fishing alone today at drain areas in Durian Tunjung .No fish touch my bait at all.Maybe it because of the water in it lower than usual.But it's not my unlucky day because i saw Malayan pangolin ( Manis javanica ) or tenggiling in Malaysia language. I immediately took some pictures of it .

The second odd things that happened was when came a man out of no where in orange t-shirt and black pant asking me if it i saw his goat . Till this day ,it puzzle me because as long as i know the place where i fishing was not even a route for people to walk . I wonder why he went deeper into the swamp and asking such question .

6pm,the cloud is getting darker. I packed my fishing gear and went home with question unanswered in my mind .


Beck the BandagedKnees said...

hey its a baby pangolin! :D whoa! thats kinda fast! i mean.. O_O"" u managed to take his pic..? :O >_> it didnt realized that u're there..? O_o" uik..? eh.. O_O"" alala.. i really mixed up btw pangolin and lizard.. O_O"" ugh! probably bcoz of their tail..? O_o"" uik..? O_O"" hmmmm (deep thinking..~)

Ben said...

haha, that sounds like an entertaining day

Gee said...

uuiih..mang konpem ko ne gila mancing..

T. Brook Smith said...

Pangolin!! That's incredible!! And you got the picture too!

Congratulations, Mizlan!