Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rapala skitter walk vs Varanus salvator

5pm,under Tanjung Aru bridge , my friends and i went bait casting for siakap ( silver baramundi/selungsung/Lates Calcarifer ) After trying for 1 hour ,no fish was cought .

But someting interesting happened , my friend Rapala skitter walk was hooked on back of Malayan water monitor lizard ( biawak /Varanus salvator ). Here are some of pictures that i took and i want to shere it with all of you .

hah...hah..catch and release. That why fishing is an interesting sport because you never knew what you will cought and experience you will get .


Ben said...

Haha! Hopefully you'll have some fish on the end of your line soon too!

timor said...

kalo timor tau...loaded bos!

Steve Dobson said...

Very interesting. Not something I see everyday.


Splitzbz said...

sekali tertangkap itu biawak pulak.. hehe