Sunday, October 5, 2008

Snakehead heaven : the secret reveal

5pm,my friend and i visit our snakehead heaven again . Just like yesterday we hunted for haruan, but today someting suprising happened.

Today i am using Hula poper , Fina spinnerbait and Eupro soft plastic frog

First i tried using Hula poper but Hula poper keep stucked on the weedy grass there . I change to Eupro soft plastic frog but after saveral cast are still no response. Finaly i change to Fina spinnerbait,then i cast the Fina spinnerbait near the weedy areas,sudenly someting catched my Fina spinnerbait.

Yehooo..600grm haruan

Back to nature..thank for good fight!..catch and release to maintain the population of haruan fish here.

Secret reveal !...Toman ( Channa micropeltes ) was here. Catch of the day..2kg toman by Mr!!..that is real giant snakehead !

Catch,photo and release ( CPR )

The place is so muddy and slimy but for the love of fishing,its not an obstacle for me .


Jeff Douglas said...

Wow! You guys are having some big days. Nice fish! It's funny how your baits are so similar to what we'd use here for bass.

T. Brook Smith said...

Lots of good trips and good fish recently, Mizlan and I like how you're experimenting with different kinds of baits.

Have you tried soft plastic baits like the sluggo in those weeds?