Sunday, November 8, 2009

Labuan Snakehead Hunter ( LSH ) VS Snakehead friends and i (Labuan Snakehead Hunter team ) cast at Lake X .

Yehoo!!...i catch 500grm haruan

Close up view haruan with Seahawk Mini frog

Catch and released

Bye-bye ...till the next fight!

Pak Majid catch 5kg Toman ( Channa Micropeltes) using Eupro frog...Wow! so big!


Pak Majid weapon's with 5kg Toman...Relix Power Short 8-14lb rod + TICA CAIMAN 100 reel + Power Pro 30lb ( leader : double bimini twist 4x30lb) + Eupro Superior Frog

After taking pictures..we released back to nature...thank for great fight!!!


Fish Whisperer said...

That toman is huge. Great catch.
Tight lines

Shoreman said...

Hey Mizlan. Now that I've followed you blog for a while, the Snakehead is a fimiliar fish. The Toman is a very interesting fish. Nice coloring and looks like it comes in a pretty good size. Congrats to pak for his catch.


Ben said...

Wow!!! Congrats to your friend for catching that big Toman.