Sunday, November 15, 2009

Monsters of weedy kingdom

6am..cast with my friends at Lake X . Notice the weedy edge , usually that is also where the drop -off is located .

Playing topwater lure in the weedy area can provide endless thrill...Yehoo..i catch 800grm haruan

My weapon ..TICA DJ100 vs haruan

My killer Frog ( Seahawk mini frog) with haruan

Catch and released....thank for superb strike!


Till the next fight..bye-bye

Suddenly Fizan get one strike...Pop!

Fizan fighting with the fish.

Fight..fight !!!

Fizan catch 500grm haruan

Close up view..haruan with Seahawk Mini frog

Fizan's weapon...DAIWA Megaforce + Seahawk Perfect rod + 20lb Stren braided

It time to go..thank for great fight!

Catch and released


Fish Whisperer said...

Mizlan my friend, you are the king of the Snakehead. You prove it all the time. Nice catch.
Tight lines

klerbox said...

ni bukan amatur dah dah kira
elite dah hehhee..agak2 bila boleh join bro g ngasting ruan kat sana

BL said...

Memang otai ruan la ko ni..ramai tul kaki ruan kat sini yer..