Sunday, November 1, 2009

Snakehead hunter vs King of the weeds

6.30am..cast with my friend at Lake X . A very good spot , wide open water with submerged cattails . It is hard to see snakehead as their body colour camouflage well with the green weeds . Let the game begin...!

Fizan catch 850grm Haruan...Wow !!

Fizan's weapon...Handcraft custom "Got U Tackle" 6ft rod + Spiderwire EZ Braid 20lb + Abu Garsia Revo SkeetReese + Seahawk mini frog

Close up view...haruan with Seahawk mini frog , look carefully ...haruan rip off all Seahawk mini frog legs ...wooo!!!

Catch and released


Found beautiful! amazing my day!..get lot strike but no hook up...till next hunt, I will back!


tonymdy said...

ishh..ish...mcm terrorist...tapi mantabzz!!

tonymdy said...

ni baru lah..mania yg mania!!