Sunday, July 13, 2008

12 july 2008 Channa Micropeltes

Being a teacher is not an easy job . After working from 6am to 2pm , at the end of day i felt exhausted . But it never stop me from going fising today . To one SMS to my best friend , Mr Saiful , we plan to meet at Merinding Lake by 4.30pm . I brought my casting set which consist of Abu Garsia Silver Max rell , Ofmer line 50 lbs and Surecacth Elite rod . Around 5.30pm , i used my spinnerbite but no luck . Then i changed to Surecatch plastic frog which i modifed by adding spin propeller .
With one shot , my Surecatch plastic frog was pulled by a strong force , hance start the tug of war . It tried to run beneath the deep weeds but i managed to puled it away .

At last i got myself 3.5kg Toman fish ( Channa micropeltes) . All the paint and exhaustion were gone . I fell great.....Yehoooooooooo

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