Tuesday, July 22, 2008

20 july 2008 bait casting fishing trip

20 july 2008 , Kampung Belukut ( Belukut villege) Labuan . Around 5pm after work , my friends and i went to new fishing territory wich have never been trodden by any angler before. It a lake behind the University Malaysia Sabah ( branch of UMS) .
The local claimed it as hunted became 2 year before , 6 people from the villege were lost there for hours ( mind you , they were born there and know all the place well ) .
For this trip i brought 3 of my student . They live there and became our guide . After trekking along the jungle and streams , we arrived there around 5.30pm . Without wasting time any more time , i cast using casting using spinner bait and plastic frog .
None of us caught any fish that day . A caution to other anglers wish to go there . Never went there alone because you can really get lost in that place .

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