Monday, July 28, 2008

28 july 2008 Channa Striatus

630 pm while driving home from Labuan Co-curriculum Centre , i saw a new spot for bait casting along the Layangan-layangan area .I can't hardly wait to grab my fishing rod . An angler fanatic can always smell a potential spot right away .

Armed with my fishing rod , i walks for several meters through the bushes . Today bait casting was not plan but rather to try out my luck because i can feel the haruan fish ( Channa Striatus ) presence .Just called it as an angler's six sense !!

There were some ripplings on the water just below the shallow weddy . It sure works me out . several cast using Surecatch plastic frog ( weedlees plug series 14g/0.055oz)but failed to get any response.So i changed it to Fina Babe spinner bait ( 1/4 oz) and i caught myself a haruan fish ( Channa striatus ) abaut 400grm . After taking some pictures , i let it free...Catch and release is our kid's fishing future .

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