Monday, July 14, 2008

my haruan fish ( Channa striatus ) video

i am using HART BEATER BUZZ BAIT ( )

The most common sought after game fish among anglers. Normally a sigle hook with live bait (frog) casting is widely used for catching them. For the bait, live frogs, caterpillars, lizards are their attraction. Usually the hook is hidden within the bait. The techniques is to cats and retrieve the bait slowly along weeds and grassy areas, the techniques is not to get snagged along the way - that is why the hook is hidden in the bait itself.
Common Name(s) : Common snakehead, stripped snakehead, Haruan Sc. Name : Channa Striatus Habitat : It inhabits rivers, canals, lakes, ponds, swamps, marshes, paddi fields, mining pools and even damps. Water : 5.5-7.5 Temperature : 71- 82 °F Size : up to 45 centimetres / 18 inches. Diet : Live food like small fishes. A natural predator in its habitat. Attitude : Aggressive. Best kept with larger or similar size fishes. Description : Unlike its cousin the Toman, the Haruan is an indigenous species. Adults are smaller than Tomans and can reach lengths of about 45 centimetre. Common in forested and rural streams as well as canals and reservoirs, the Aruan is often seen sold in markets. The local Chinese community, considered its flesh to posses certain medicinal values which are supposedly good for the healing of wounds.

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