Monday, July 21, 2008

19 july 2008 bait casting fishing trip

19 july 2008 Merinding lake ,Labuan about 5pm
i went there again . This time i wanted to try out my hand made lures .
The snakehead fish was lures by the bait where it played with it for several times but not enought to catch it .
i need to find the correct "recepice" to make the my hand made lures a perfect onee.
i will shere it with you onee i found it....adiosss amigos


T. Brook Smith said...


Your blog ROCKS!

Malaysian sport fishing! I've gott have a link to your site on my blog.

Stop by my blog and post an "OK" if you're willing to have a link to your blog from mine.

Best regards,

Tim B. Smith

Jeff Douglas said...

Cool stuff! That's a kind of fishing
I don't often get to read about. Keep up the good work!