Saturday, July 19, 2008

18 julai 2008 bait casting fishing trip

Yes...! Friday afternoon comes again . Today ,on 18 july , i went to Merinding lake , Labuan again for bait casting fishing . Armed with Abu Garsia Silver Max rell,Surecatch Elite rod and my magical Surecatch plastic frog . The battle between man and nature begun.

I choose a place which have not been trodden by any angler , with my machete , i clean out the place and cast the Surecath plastic frog into calm lake .

There was hard tug and then it stop . With a motto " Never say never " , i cast once again on the same spot . This time the Surecatch plastic frog was once again pulled by strong force .

I battle for 3 minutes before i got myself a 1.5kg haruan fish ( Channa Striatus )...yehoooooo.
This trip worth more than anything for me . Other than improving my bait casting skill , i can also enjoy the beautiful scenery from mother nature .
Don't just sit at home my friend . Take that fishing rod of yours and go out there with your best buddy .
Before i end my jurnal , i just want to say....
bait caster rules the world !!...

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tonymdy said...

amazed me..beautiful lake! great shoot and hoping great caught too..