Saturday, August 2, 2008

1 ogos 2008 2.6kg Leptobarbus hoevenii ( jelawat)

5pm Mr Muniand'y private pond in Merinding , Labuan . I have not gone there for some time since i'm busy wait my bait casting trip .This time i'm using chicken stomach as bait . One thing that funny and unlikedable about this unique bait was it's make the flies swarm around you, but trust me the bait work although it stinks!!..this smelly bait attracted the jelawat. I caught 2.6kg jelawat..yehooo..


T. Brook Smith said...

Man. That's a great diversity of fish! I need to pay more attention to the kinds of fish that are there in Malaysia. I wish more people who fish could appreciate their own native fish and enjoy fishing for them the way you do, Mizlan.

Ben said...

Nice job! That's a cool looking fish.