Saturday, August 9, 2008

9 ogos 2008 Channa Striatus attack

Like a nicotine addicts , thats what fishing world mean to me . Today , at 5pm my friends and i ventured into the Merinding forest lake again .Each of us look for our own spot to hunting for snakehead spicies . My spirit was high for i've bought a killer bait...Surecatch froggy ( col code F22 14g/0.56oz ).
Several of my attempts fails to get any catch althought the response was good .I changed into Hart beather 3/8oz but no snakehead fish can be seen .

I changed it again to Surecatch froggy ( col code F22 14g/0.56oz ). This time i look for any sign of fish before casting . Then i saw some movement at shollow weedy areas 7 feets from i stand .

I cast my magical Surecatch froggy to that place suddenly a strong force jerk me . I roll the fish rod , a 500grm haruan fish ( Channa Striatus ) comes into view .

I know its smaller than any my catch before but...the feeling of satisfaction is unspeakable.....yehoooooooooo!!!


Me! said...

Wow, those snakehead fish are neat ... and kind of creepy!

BigFishBobby said...

Very cool. They say those things are super invasive over hear in the US. They are really keeping tabs on that species here to try to prevent them from spreading.

vanckirby said...

awesome blog! keep up the good fishing.

Naruto said...

what's a luck day!! terror ler kau bossku!!