Saturday, August 16, 2008

searching for lipan laut ( king rangworms / Nereis spp ) at Sungai Miri village beach

6pm Sungai Miri beach,Labuan . My friend and i were looking for lipan laut ( ragworms) .We used a long metal rod to break through the rock . The lipan laut is used for fish bait .

The length of lipan laut is 1 meter long and it have lots of legs .Anglers classify the varius species of lipan laut ( ragworms ) by colour and size . Red ragworms can be dug from shellfish beds and stone patches in estuaries, and keep for up a week if looosely wrapped in damp newspaper and refrigerated .
King red ragworms are the larges reds,use in portions or whole for stingrays and similar large predators.Smaller reds are popular ganeral porpose bait, while tiny harbour ragworms , dug from estuarine mud, are much loved by flounders .White ragworms , the favourite bait of match , are found in clean sand .


Jeff Douglas said...

That's cool! You sure won't find any of them around here.

BorneoGuy said...

one day i hope i can be like you guys over there...happy fishing and all the best.