Sunday, August 3, 2008

3 ogos 2008 Channa Striatus again

I can still taste the superb delicius haruan fish ( Channa Striatus ) soup that i had last night . I went again to that 'spot' in Lubuk Temiang village with my friends . We met in front the Lubuk Temiang primary school around 5pm . I brought are chicken guts as bait . This bait is effective to lure the fresh water fish because of its stinky smells. Just imagine how stinky it is when flies swarms all over plastic bag even before i open it .But as hardcore anglers , i wouldn't mind it at all .

After 20 minutes trekking , we arrived at the secret location . Without delay , i put the chicken guts on my fishing hook and throw it away towards the fallen branches in the water . Your fishing line might get stuck or tangle along the branches but you had take the risk because thats where snakehead fish likes to 'play' . After waiting for 30 minutes / my fishing rod was bend , pulled by a strong force from the water .
Without wasting precius time , i pulled as hard as i can . The fish suprise me when it jumped 1 meter above the water and tried to get loose . I guess it my lucky day . It was a 2kg haruan fish ( Channa Striatus ) again today . I jus can't describe my feelings with word . Yehooooo....

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Anonymous said...

Wah...bukan alang-alang ye...cik lan ..yooohooo...gerek sehhhh