Saturday, August 23, 2008

22 ogos 2008 Lost world of Haruan kingdom

No one ever expect the existence of the 'lost world' in Kilan village,Labuan island . It does not refer to any castle or any ancient treasure but a hiding place of snakehead fish which have never taste or know any baits . Only a hard core anglers will go throught the jungle to be there .

Trees,bushes and other plants overhanging the banks provide cover for snakehead fish and also a soure of food, because terrestrial creatures such as spiders,beetles and caterpillars frequently fall from their branches and leaves into the water . Reeds are tall grasses that can reach a height about 3 m ( 10 ft ).When is no wind,any movement of reed stems may be caused by snakehead fish .
Beeds of reed line the margins of many stillwaters and are as comman on recently created waters as as on established lakes.Their stems plays host to wide variety of animal life,including many invertebrates such as snails ,frog,the larvae of damselflies and dragonflies.
Normally too dense for fish to swim in and out of,they are nonetheles attractive to some species . Haruan ( Channa Striatus) and Toman ( Channa Micropeltes )for exemples lurk alongside reed stems waiting for passing prey , beautifully camouflaged by their marking.

5.45pm , using Eupro plastic frog ( 17.7g/top water ) , i cast it towards the weedy area and i succesfully got a 1.1kg haruan ( Channa Striatus )....Yehoooo

Its not easy looking for the snakehead fish . Sometimes , the pressure from other anglers hunting for the fish makes it became smart and cautions with any baits . That why i always look and explore a new fishing area although i had to trek deep into the jungles with thorns and wild vines .I got cuts and scratches but its was worth it . I got to enjoys the scenery that no body ever seen before . That is the beauty of snakehead fishing .


Arie Wijaya said...

I'm Blog Walking, wow Big fish, Terima Kasih atas kedatangannya, saya juga suka mancing Bandeng, tapi rasanya anda punya ikan Besar2, Good Catch Brother

T. Brook Smith said...

Mizlan, I think your observation is true in North America for most species as well. Not only do the fish get smarter when they have been fished, but the amount of fish that are removed also make them less abundant, and smaller on average. I almost always find I catch more fish after I've spend some time getting away from places people commonly fish.

Arie Wijaya said...

Mizlan Selamat ulang tahun Kemerdekaan Malaysia.....Merdeka!!

thebigandyt said...

Thanks for your comment, you've a great site, love the fish massage post

Sean McLoughlin said...

Interesting stuff - I watched a show about snakeheads just a couple of days ago. they are nasty looking things! I bet they are fub to catch!

Sean McLoughlin