Saturday, August 2, 2008

2 ogos 2008 2kg Channa Striatus

2kg haruan fish ( Channa Striatus )...yehaaa!!!

4pm ,I went to the Lubuk Temiang primary school,Labuan to met my friend,Nizam who would show me a new fishing spot near Lubuk Temiang village.

It took us 20 minutes to get there . The pond was full with fallen branches . That day i brought some chicken's liver as bait . I want to try out bottom fishing technique .

From the stories that i heard this place was 'playground' of haruan ( Channa Striatus),patin ( Pangasius pagasius ), talapia ( Talapia Mossambica ) and Keli ( Clarias Battracthus ).

Less 3 minutes, the first cast of that day was pulled so suddenly that i almost lost the grip on my fishing rod . Luckily i managed to hold it on time . I quikly pulled on fishing rod but with caution especially throught the thick branches in the water .

I end the fishing trip at 6pm . I did not release it back because i'm going to make a fish soup out of it .....slurrp so delicious


Ben said...

Wow, you've been successful every time you go out. Nice fish!!

Jeff Douglas said...

Way to go! Nice fish!