Saturday, February 6, 2010

The king of shallow drain

530pm cast with my new friend...Mr Is at drain 4km from my school

Cast the lure near weedy area get one strike but no hook up..i try again...cast at same area, cranks 7 time suddenly get one great strike..pop!..the fish was jumping!..Yehoo!!!..i catch 500grm haruan

Haruan with my weapons

This haruan swallowed the whole lure in a gulp

My killer lure of the day...Surecatch Mini frog

Catch and released...till next fight Mr Channa !

My second catch...400grm haruan

Solid hook up on the eye !

This haruan rip off my!...this haruan i give to my friend because it badly injured on the eye . 630pm we pack our weapons and back home .