Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snakehead special Op : The twin tower

Trekking with my friends...Yassin ,Ridzuan and Bell almost 2km to reach the snakehead heaven at village X .

On the way , we found this tree...We called " The twin tower " . After walk almost 40 minutes finally we found it.

Let the hunt begin .

My first catch..500grm haruan...Yehoo!!!

Predator with Seahawk mini frog

Haruan with my weapons today..Abu Garsia Cardinal 105 spinning + Abu Garsia Ultra Cast ii rod + 20lb Eupro EX-5 braid line

My second catch...1.0kg haruan..Yehooo!!!

Solid hook up!

Wow! almost same size with my palm

My third catch...100grm haruan

This haruan was taken in the rapids where its almost engulfed the whole Seahawk mini frog

Ridzuan first catch..600grm haruan

Close up view..haruan with Surecatch junior frog

Ridzuan second catch..500grm haruan

Solid hook up!

530pm..we pack our gear and back home. Thank to my friend..Yassin to be our guide today . Till next hunt .


fazrin2211 said...

cantikla pokok tu,hehehe, wah makin byk tempat ko jelajah, ko ni dah macam keje mancing je,hehe

hamba said...

wauuuu... nice catch! tahniah!