Thursday, February 4, 2010

The monster from black drain

530pm..cast with my friend at drain near my school.My friend ...Ridzuan get strike but no hook up .

Cast the lure near the weedy took only six cranks before a haruan shot up from the weddy area to wallop my lure ...Pop!...Yehoo!!!..i catch 500grm haruan

Snakehead with my weapons

Wow!...solid hook up !...rubber frog are the best lure to tackle the haruan in this snaggy drain

The killer lure of day!..Eupro Superior frog ( white )

It time to go!..catch and released , 650pm we pack our gear and back home .


Fish Whisperer said...

Nice catch my friend.

joranmaster said...

Salam Bro,
Bro memang Haruan Master lah.. Nice catch.