Friday, February 19, 2010

Man in red ( MIR )

640am..cast with my friend at drain near village X...unplaned we wear red t-shirt this morning..ha2..let the hunt begin !

My first catch 300grm haruan..Yehoo!!!

Snakehead on Eupro superior Frog lure

Beauty and the beast !

Go baby go!..thank for great strike !

My second catch..yehoo!!!..500grm haruan

Solid hook up on the Seahawk mini frog !

My weapon...Abu Garsia C3 with snakehead

Yeah!!!...catch and released !

Fizan catch 800grm haruan...Wow!

An impressive specimen on Seahawk Mini frog

Fizan's weapon ..Abu Garsia Revo Skeet Reese with haruan

Fizan released the haruan back to drain

930am...we pack our gear and back home...till next hunt !


Wolfy said...

Nice morning catch, Mizlan! Love your posts.


Shoreman said...

Hey Mizlan. Doesn't look like the red tee shirt made any difference. You guys are still the Snakehead Kings.


BuDakHutaN said...

tangkap dan lepas... konspe bagus tu bro.. ~_^
sa sukung.. neway... good catch!