Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snakehead Alcatraz

610am..cast with my friends at pond near vllage X . My friends call this pond.."Alcatraz " was snaggy water . Let the hunt begin !

After miss strike two time..finally i catch 400 grm haruan ..Yehoo!!!

My first haruan this morning , which was the beginning of better things to come

Cast the Epro superior Frog ( white ) near the snaggy water. The bow of wave which followed my lure , suddenly..Pop! get one great strike . Eeeyahhh !!!...i yank my 6-foot 10-20lb Lemax slim max rod , in resulting in the fight being totally turned around to its favour. My brute force paid off ...Yehoo!!! i catch 1.0 kg haruan .

This snakehead fight exceptionally well...Wow!

Catch and released

Thank for great strike!...bye-bye

Fizan with 200grm haruan

Proper hook set by the side of the lips

Snakehead with Fizan's weapon...Abu Garsia Skeet Reese

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