Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snakehead special op : The little monster

6am...explore new area with my friends . We walk almost 3km to reach this pond..Phew!..what a journey ! i feel like i having U.S SEAL training..ha2

Suddenly Nizam get one great strike in the middle of the pond..Pop!...Eeeyahhh!!!

Eeeyahhh !..fight..fight !

Finally Nizam catch 400grm haruan

Solid hook up !

Last cast before back home...get one strike near the weedy area ...yehoo!!! i catch small haruan...200grm haruan

Snakehead swallowed " Cik kudung"

Catch and released..it very funny my foot stuck in mud when releasing the snakehead..ha2

My killer lure of the day...Seahawk mini froggy . I'm so happy with today trip...spend time with my friends is the best thing . Till next hunt..Huraaah!


Shoreman said...

Hey Mizlan. On that Seal training, I can't imagine you slithering through the grass to get to a pond. You, that carries the big knife in your last post. You must have it for some reason. Snakes?


Fish Whisperer said...

Great looking spot my friend. I like the short videos you have been adding. Nice touch.
Tight lines

MIZLAN said...

Mr Shoreman..i always carries my big knife because sometime i found snake and clearing a path of thorny bushes...but the important thing alway be ready ..that why i always carries my big knife