Saturday, December 5, 2009

The attack of black monsters

6am..cast with my friend at Village X .

I did not expect it at all as the haruan moved in from below without warning to grab my slowly moving frog and then went straight for cover ,followed by the emergence of nice huge bubles . I immediately reacted with good yank which forced the haruan take to the air .Yehoo!!!..i catch 700grm haruan for my first catch.

The result of using non-traditional lures can be quite magical

perfect hook-up!

With this catch ,a capability of the mini frog for catching " whopper'is confirmed beyond doubt

Catch and released go !

My weapon...Seahawk Mini Frog...look carefully haruan almost rip off double blade

I did not give it any chance after the jump .Using brute force , i pump it in the shortest time possible time . My second catch...900grm haruan..Yehoo!!!

Finally,something decent for the camera

Solid hook-up!..this haruan rip off all my double blade.

I released haruan unharmed

My killer weapon today...Seahawk Mini Frog..

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