Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The seductive of " Cik Kudung"

4pm...explore new area with my friend...this area was found by my friend..Mr Nizam aka Gecko , last week he catch six snakehaed at this!

After walk almost 1 km ..finally we found it!..let the game begin!

My first catch..500grm haruan

Haruan are real cannibals !

Catch and released ...again and again!

My second catch...300grm haruan

Haruan with my weapons today...TICA DJ 100 baitcast + 20lb XZOGA braided line + Lemax Slim Max rod + Berkley Gulp Alive Nightcrawler + Seahawk mini frog

Irresistible action!..."Cik Kudung" ( Seahawk Mini frog ) with haruan

Always catch and fight another day

630pm..pack all my gear and back home...till the next hunt!

1 comment:

Michael Hastings said...

Heep catching them Mizlan.
All the best from the UK