Sunday, December 27, 2009

Haruan of " Black Area " : The Revenge !

630am..cast alone at " Black Area "....would like to avenged yesterday lost...let the game begin!

My first catch...400grm haruan...Yehoo!!!

Haruan with my weapons TICA DJ 100 and 20lb XZoga 20lb braided line

A close up view of the throat of haruan walloped the D.I.Y frog wholly

This is the D.I.Y frog present by my friend...Pak Majid , i modify with gold gliter

My second catch...300grm haruan..Yes!

My third catch...400grm haruan..Yehoo!...VIVA TR 55 do it again.

Solid hook up on the lip

My fourth catch ...300grm Mr Channa Sitratus!..Yehoo!!

Wow! full of eggs

This one inhaled a lure that was almost the size of its mouth

The champion of the day...VIVA TR 55 seductive and irresistable

Catch and time to baby!

I released all the haruan unharmed...thank for great strikes!

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