Monday, December 21, 2009

Operation 1719 Brunei Fishing trip : Part 2 ( Afternoon trip )

4pm...arrived at Tasik Merimbun ( Merimbun Lake )

View of Tasik Merimbun

Arrived at Tasik merimbun jetty

Weedy area...snakehead heaven

First catch by Asat ...500grm haruan

Second catch by Asat ...400grm! you're Snakehead guru!

Emi with 200grm haruan

Heavy rain and thunder storm...we stop casting and take shelter

The Dark Art Caster team and Selungsong Team Anglerz...630pm we pack our gear and back home . Thank to Hj Bahrin and Asat make this trip to one of island at Tasik Merimbun hapend .

730pm...Azlan take us to Pasar malam ( night market ) at Bandar Seri Bagawan

Nasi so delicious!

Superb BBQ..slurrp!

This area ...they called "Tambing "...nice fishing spot for Baramundi

Along of this river bank there lot of people sell live prawn as bait

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