Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The new snakehead heaven

A friend recently informed me of secret pond full of monster haruan in Village X .My saliva immedialtelly dripped. Around 3pm..i explore the pond ...i did't not harbour any high hope...let the game begin!

Cast the lure passed the stalks of grass ,there a "pock" sound but no hook-up .Quikly casting the lure again . I get one great strike..the fish jumped!..again and again...Yehoo!!! i catch 700grm haruan.

Haruan with my weapon...Abu Garsia Cardinal 105 spinning + Abu Garsia Ultra cast 11 rod + Eupro EX-5 20lb braided line

Solid hook-up!

The seductive lure of the day...VIVA TR 55 frog !...the haruan rip off the frog

Catch and released

Bye-bye ...till the next fight

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