Saturday, December 26, 2009

Haruan of " Black Area "

It been long time since i start serious in snakehead fishing , i want to explore this area but some people keep secret to me to reach this area . Using Google Earth i try to search this area . Finally i found road to reach this area...we called " The Black area " .

My friends and i equipped with our gum-boots,long pant, machete , fishing rod and other necessary apparel for our short , little exploratory walk in lowland jungle in afternoon . Finally we found it....Yehoo!!!

Nizam with 400grm haruan

Haruan with buyun ( frog made from wood with spin blade )

Rizduan with 500grm haruan

solid hook up ..Seahawk mini frog with haruan . After taking these pictures, we ran like hell when rizduan accidentally touched the nest of a colony af wasp . He was stung on his right finger . Luckily i brought some Gamat oil and it helps to reduce the swollen finger .

Not my day... i get two great strike but no hook up...till the next hunt!