Thursday, December 24, 2009

The D.I.Y golden frog

430pm..cast with my friends at Village X . Playing top water lure weedless in the weedy area can provide you endless thrill .

After two casts the lure...suddenly engulfed by big swirl , buried itself in the weed bank but by power cranking with TICA DJ 100 together with some rod work , it was kept from burying itself in weedy bank . Finally...Yehoo!!!..i catch 800grm haruan .

Today i experimental with my D.I.Y modify lure ...Seahawk mini frog with gold glitter

My weapons with haruan...TICA DJ 100 baitcast + 20lb Xzoga braided line

Catch and released...1



Nizam first catch..1.0kg!

Solid hook-up..haruan with Surecatch frogy

Nizam second catch 500grm haruan

Nizam third catch 300grm haruan...wooo! you the man! the new snakehead king!


Fish Whisperer said...

No my friend your are the Snakehead King. Happy Holidays to you and yours.
Tight lines

tbyrodney said...

fuiyoooo.....the king of snakehead.
congratulation again Mizlan for those marvelous catch.