Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Super snaggy pond

530pm..cast with my friend at pond near village X .

It was super snaggy pond...are you dare to use your expensive lure?

I cast the lure near dead branches , When passed the dead branches ...there was a Pop! sound but no hook up . Quickly casting the lure back out again...i rewarded with a loud ..Pop!..yes! Finally it hook up!...Yehoo!..i catch 300grm haruan .

Solid hook up!...this small haruan liked chewing on the Seahawk Mini frog

I love sunset!

630pm...we pack our gear and back home . Well it was my last snakehead catch of year 2009... Till next hunt !


Shoreman said...

Wow, nice Sunset pictures. Great colors. OK, good fish too.


Wolfy said...

I like the looks of that pond, Mizlan. Nice post, as always