Saturday, June 28, 2008

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toman bait caster

haruan bait caster

Haruan Channidae family, Channa striatus Bloch Also known as the Snakehead, or Sang Yee, the Haruan is probably the most fished for predatory fish in our fresh waters near the cities and large towns. The reason for its popularity is its ability to survive in any little puddle, ditches by the road side, old mining ponds, slow moving streams, paddy fields and swamps. This ensures haruan can be found almost any where water is found. Its ability to survive in minimal water is due to the presence of a accessory respiratory apparatus. In other words, they breathe air. In fact they will "drown" if prevented from breathing. They have been found to "walk" from one body of water to another by lateral undulations of its body. Every weekend you'll find haruan fishermen fishing all sorts of puddles by the roadsides. Surprisingly to the non-haruan fisher-person, haruan up too 2-3kgs are sometimes pulled out in these little "puddles"! Other favourite places are old mining ponds and swampy places.