Saturday, January 31, 2009

Zero fighter friends and i hunt snakehead at "Kang King Kong" area

Yehooo!!!..300grm haruan by Mr Nizam

Yehaaa!!!...900grm haruan by Mr Amir

6pm...we pack our gear and go i got lots of strike by haruan but still no hook up..not my day.! will try again tomorow..." i will back"..assalabista bebeh..he..he

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Leeches expedition ? my friend Mr amir be our guide to show the new snakehead heaven that he found yesterday .

No gain..that is the rule of snakehead hunter

Very challenging....Do you dare to use expensive lure here ? Rapala? Strike pro?Halco?..he2

After trekking about 10 minutes...finally we arived . Lots of branches and the water is muddy. We cast about 20 minutes but there are no strike from snakehead .

We pack our gear and go to second place..some where at Kiamsam area.

This pond was called ..."Area 51" by my friend because last year there lots of cases people missing here when walk alone in this jungle....some say this pond was hunted. friend get lots of strike here..

I cought two leeches...why i cought this slimy creature? . How i cought this leeches ? it easy..i just put my hand into the water , not for long lots of leeches swiming to my hand . The reason i cought this leeches is...

Leeches that i cought i give to my friend..he want to use as alternative medicine. My friend got boil in his leg.Want to know the method he use?...first he take the news paper and make the hole,after that he put the masking tape around the hole .Than he put the leeches on the boil and , let it suck the blood and pus .

First leeches...small and slimy

After 20 minutes ....look that size of of blood!!

The second leeches..

After 30!!!..all the blood and pus inside the boil was suck by leeches.
Well i don't cought any snakehead but i learning someting about alternative medicine .

Monday, January 26, 2009

My dream on Chinese new year's your?

This 8 kg Toman ( Channa Micropeltes ) pictures taken at my school pond . An amature angler like me always dreaming to catch this size of Toman and to break my personal record..4.6kg Toman that i cought last year .

Friday, January 23, 2009

The first snakehead of 2009

6.15pm Kinabebuwa area..after back from school i cast for a while just to release all the stress

Your eyes and ears must in full alert mode when hunt snakehead

Finally after waiting 22 first snakehead of 2009..yehooo!!!...500grm haruan

Thank for good fight

Today i am using Surecatch froggy.

Catch and realease is one way to educate the haruan , and indirectly help them to survive againts the onslaught of greedy human being.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Midnight blues friends and i fishing at Lubuk Temiang beach

Ready with my weapon..

Our bait that night..cuttlefish

The only fish i cought that night..ha..ha..Belukang ( Engraved catfish / Arius caelatus valenciennes )

Mr Jamal and Mr Nizam start the fire

Ha..ha..finally..our bait turn to BBQ.

Friday, January 16, 2009

DurianTunjung snakehead my friend ,Mr Nizam and i go to Durian Tunjung area

Mr Nizam catch of the day..1kg Haruan...wohoooo!!

Not my lot of strike but still not hook up..arghhhh

6.15...start raining..we pack our gear and go home

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bon Voyage my friends

Today was my sad day,two of my best friends..Mr saiful and Mr Asmat have just transfered to another state..for a year we spend lot of time doing fishing trips together..well i hope the next time we will meet again and fishing together..all the happy memories will be remembered forever.

M Saiful with toman

MrAsmat with Kaloi

Saturday, January 10, 2009

" A goodbye " BBQ night

8pm,my friends and i went for fishing at Tanjung Aru . Actualy today we are not only fishing but also preparing some BBQ for our friend ,Mr Saiful whom will be tranfred soon to Kuala Lumpur .

The weather is not on our side . Though it was raining heavily , we embrace the weather and continued fishing under the Tanjung Aru's bridge .

Mr Nizam " the flame thrower "...our chef for tonight's BBQ..

Yummy..the best BBQ ever

Thought none of us catch any fish that night , we continued chatting while waiting for the rain to ceased .

Friday, January 2, 2009

The first "snakehead " of 2009

5pm my friend and i casting at Tanjung Aru mangrove area . This area famous with kerapu ( grouper )and siakap ( barramundi ). Last year my friend cought 8 kg siakap at this area .

This picture taken last year ...8kg siakap cought by my friend Mr Khaidir..look at that size of that fish compare to his son...wooo..marvellous!!

Today i'm using Berkley PowerBait Saber tail ( watermelon) surprise me...!!

The first catch of 2009...mangrove snake..ha..ha..this is real "snakehead"

Solid hook up..first time in my life i seen mangrove snake strike Berkley PowerBait