Friday, July 31, 2009

Drain of predator

5pm..cast alone at drain behind  workshop 3 km from my house .More than half an hour i using Seahawk mini frog but no strike , than i change to Berkley Powerbait Grub ( Pearl white ). My first catch...400grm Haruan ..Yehooo!!Nyam..nyam..Berkley Powerbait so delightful to be resisted by HaruanMy weapon today..Abu Garsia Pro Max baitcast + Lemax Slim Max rod + Eupro EX-5 50lb braided line My second catch...around 7pm i get 500grm Haruan using Seahawk mini frog

Solid hook up!

My whopper of the day!...Yehooo

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Buzz bait vs haruan

Arrghh..still busy with extra class for my students , don't have time to cast haruan this week ...while surfing the internet i found one interesting video ...enjoy !

Friday, July 24, 2009

Whiplash soft plastic frog video : top water techniques

Here some video i download from webpage Whiplash factory ( the rod and lure maker for snakehead fishing ) and i want to share with you all .

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kilan Village Snakehead Expedition

430pm...trekking jungle at Kilan village to searching new spot to casting snakehead . Today expedition joined by my friends...Nizam , Fizan , Amir , Jack and Bred .

Found expansive areas of swamp and vegetation...primarily Toman and Haruan hunting grounds .

Mr Amir catch 1 kg Haruan

Mr Fizan catch 800grm Haruan

Yehooo!!!...i catch 600grm Haruan

Solid hook up...Seahawk mini frog still the best lure to hunt snakehead

My weapon ...Abu Garsia Silver Max baitcast + Seahawk Rinji rod + 50lb Power Pro braided line

Wow!...good size

The snakehead hunters...Fizan , "Darkartcaster " and Amir

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lord of the tunnel

After the whole week busy with extra class at my school , finaly today i able to cast with my friends...Nizam , Amir and Fizan

Snakehead i get lot strikes in the tunnel

Yehooo...i catch 500grm haruan ( Channa Sitratus )

My weapon today...Abu Garsia Silver Max baitcast + Seahawk Rinji rod + 50lb Power Pro braided line

Solid hook up..Seahawk mini frog never let me down

Mr Nizam with 400grm Haruan using Berkley Powerbait Grub

Friday, July 17, 2009

World of snakehead

Today i'm still busy with my extra class for my students at my school , didn't have the chance to fishing..arrghh.While surfing the internet i found intersting fact about Snakehead fish species , i want share with you all .

Channa aurolineatus

Channa Limbata

Channa Grandinosa

Chana Obscura

Channa Insignis

Channa Africana

Channa striatus ( Haruan / Dalak / Gabus )

Channa stewartii

Channa Puntata

Channa Pleurophthalmus

Channa Panaw

Channa Orientalis

Channa Micropeltes ( Giant snakehead / Toman )

Channa Melasoma

Channa Melanoptera

Channa Murulius

Channa Marulioides

Channa Maculata

Channa Lucius

Channa Harcoubutleri

Channa Gachua

Channa Cyanospilos

Channa Burmanica

Channa Blaheri

Channa Barca

Channa Baramensis

Channa Bankanesis

Channa Aurantimaculata

Channa Asiatica

Channa Argus

Channa Parachanna