Sunday, September 27, 2009

Predators of forbidden lake

628am..cast with my friend at forbidden lake . This is the first time we try to cast at this lake . From the rumour that i hear...this lake lot of snakehead but non of my friends ever try to cast here .

6.30am...My first catch...Yehoo!!..500grm haruan

Haruan and my weapon..TICA DJ100

Catch and released

Ridzuan catch 1.0kg!

My second catch..500grm haruan ...Yehooo!!

Close up view haruan with Seahawk Mini frog

Receive sms from my wife to bring back haruan to cook haruan soup this haruan i don't released back.

My breakfast today..haruan soup .Slurrrp! so delicious.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blackwater snakehead

7am..cast alone at swamp near my house.The water so black it looked like black tea that had been brewing for long time .

Black water swamp...the lower reaches of the swamp became open flooded areas

Hearing a quiet little plop , i turned in the direction of the sound and saw some bubles floating next to a couple of stalk grass . casting the Seawak Mini frog past the rise and i rewarded with loud " sploosh"!!!...Fish on!up came a small snakehead..Yehooo!!!..i catch 100grm haruan . Small but jump so aggressive .

Close up view..haruan liked chewing on my Seahawk Mini frog

Small haruan compare to my weapon...TICA DJ100 + Lemax Slim Max rod + EX-5 braided line

Catch and released...please grow bigger and bigger

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The last hunt before Hari Raya

The silance of the cool morning of a long Hari raya public holiday ,6.30am ...i cast alone at drain near Bukit Kalam village .

I cast to the drain , in less than second i felt a suspicius bump...that bump became a ferocious Pop!!!...Yehoo!! first catch...200grm haruan

Solid hookup...this haruan seriously hurt at mouth . This haruan i take home , tonight i will cook haruan soup...yummy!!

I continue trekking the drain and found this Haruan territory...

After 3 cast with presentation , i had the hit...bomm!!! The fish jumped...Yehoo!!!my second catch..300grm haruan

The haruan seem to love Seahawk mini frog...the mouth of the haruan is tought and lure should be equipped with very sharp hook to improve hookup rate .

This haruan i released back to fight another day

Hari Raya Aidilfitri

To all familys , friends , anglers at Malaysia,Brunei ,Singapura ,Indonesia and whole world....Selamat Hari Raya ( Happy Eid ul-Fitr )..."I seek forgiveness physically and spiritually", for Hari Raya is a time to reconcile and renew relationships with others.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Snakehead of Durian Tunjung village

5pm...Cast at drain near Durian Tunjung village , almost two month i not cast at this area . Today i try my luck

From my observation...the layer of surface weed was thick!

Cast the Eupro Superior frog to isolated bushy area standing out among a patch of weedy water . Just when it hit the area ...Pop! huge bubles soon rose the surface .I gave it a hefty yank...Yehoo!!!..i catch 300grm haruan .

My TICA DJ100 with haruan

Eupro Superior frog proved to be a very effective lure on the haruan

Bye-bye Mr Channa striatus.

Eupro Superior frog VS Snakehead

7am..Cast alone at Bukit Kalam village

My new weapon to hunt haruan that i bought yesterday...Eupro Superior frog ( 55m/m 12g )

At good looking spot i cast acros the drain , retrieving the lura back . The first cast resulted in nothing , not even a nudge . Then i cast upstream with the same result . Stil no bites .When i tried my luck downstream again nothing took my lure , but when the lure almost reached my rod tip , it swam past some weddy protruding into the stream . Definitely a predator ! .Cast again near that area...Pop! one great strike...Yehooo! i catch 700grm Haruan

Great hook up...close up Eupro Superior frog with haruan

My weapon i use today..TICA DJ 100 with haruan

Catch and them survive and recover

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Walls of weed

6.15am cast with my friends at Bukit Kalam village . The presence of haruan is easily noticed as they have to rise for air . ..let hunt !

My first catch...Yehooo!!! 200grm haruan( Channa sitratus ) .

My second catch...300grm haruan..Yehooo!!!

My third catch...200grm haruan

The haruans seem to love my Seahawk Mini frog...hmmm yummy!

close up view ..haruan and my TICA CAIMAN DJ100

All haruan i catch , i release back to nature so i can catch them again on my next visit

Saturday, September 12, 2009

TICA CAIMAN DJ100 vs Snakehead

6am..Cast alone at Bukit Kalam Village.

Today i'm using my new weapon TICA CAIMAN DJ100 + Lemax Slim Max rod ...cast the lure near weddy area...get strike but no hook up. I try again...cast the lure near the bubbles between the weedy area...Pop!...hit and run...i manage to control the run . Yehoo...i catch 300grm haruan..small but give great fight .

Close up my killer lure...Seahawk Mini frog with haruan

Close view my new weapon...TICA CAIMAN DJ100 with catch of the day

Catch and release..thank for great strike!