Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good morning Mr Channa !!!

630am...cast with my friends at " black spear " near village X .
get strike 1 meter from my feet..Booom! shock me. ..Yehoo!!!..i catch 800grm haruan .
Super solid hook up!...haruan swallow my lure
Mr channa with my weapons..Shimano Calcutta Conquest 100DC + 10-20lb Expert Graphite rod + 20lb EX-5 Eupro braided line
My killer today...Surecatch froggy junior
yeah!!!...time to go! till next fight

catch and released video

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Giant snakehead driff

730am...cast with my friend at " Double Blade" near Village X .
Cast in the rain...had two miss hook third cast get one great strike near weedy area..Booom!...yehoo!!!..i catch 1.5k toman ( Giant snakehead / channa Micropeltes )
Surecatch junior frog..nice hook up on the lips
Giant snakehead with my weapons..Shimano calcutta Conquest 100DC + 23lb Viravas braided line + Expert Graphite rod
Catch and released..bye-bye my darling !

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Giant snakehead 201010

5.00 pm cast wit my friends at " Double blade" near village X . Let hunt begin..
My first cast got miss hook up...second try using Surecatch strike in the middle..boooom!!!..yeah...finally i manage to land this Giant snakehead ( toman / Channa Micropeltes )

My fighting video..thank to my friend ..PakMeejed manage to record my fighting .

1.5kg on digital scale
Giant Snakehead with my weapons...Shimano Calcutta Conquest 100DC + Expert Graphite rod + 23lb Viravas braided line
Surecatch pencil...solid hook up!
Mmmmmpuah!!!....kiss of goodbye
Catch and released...till next fight..yeahh!!!
On the way back..i found one lure box...full with expensive lure...i put back there . Hope the owner will found it back...till next hunt..yeahh!!!

Junior Black Max

530pm...cast with my friend at " snakehead Superfortress" near village X . Actually village X is secret name to protect my snakehead fishing spot .
After casting almost 1 hour..just got 1 strike...yehoo!!!..i catch 200grm haruan

Seahawk Mini frog ..nice hook up on haruan lips

snakehead with my weapons..Abu Garsia Black Max low profile reel + Abu Garsia Vendetta rod
Catch and released...yeah!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Black mama

5pm..cast alone at " black spear" near village X . Let the hunt begin !
Get strike at weedy area...boom! Yehoo!!!...i catch 700grm haruan .
Solid Hook up!..This snakehead swallowed all my lure..Surecatch Junior frog
Snakehead with my weapons today..Shimano Calcutta Conquest 100DC + 23lb Viravas brided line + Expert Graphite rod
It time to go..till next fight...CNR rock the world ..yeahh!
wow! lure ( Surecatch Junior Frog-fire tiger ) rip off by this snakehead..ha2..

Banana flavor frog

Today my friends and i cast " Corn farm" near village X . Let hunt begin...
Nizam Labuan Caster start the hunt with 300grm haruan..yeah!
solid hook up!..Seahawk mini frog swallow by this haruan
Nizam released his catch...yeah! bravo..CNR rock !
After almost 1 hour without any strike...suddenly get one one great strike near weedy area..Pop!...yeah!..finally i catch 1.2 kg haruan...yehooo!
snakehead compare with my weapons...Shimano Calcutta Conquest 100DC + Expert Graphite rod + 20lb Deep Inpul braded line
wow! this snakehead swallow my lure
The best best thing to do..Catch and released..go baby go!
My serial killer today..Surecatch Junior frog ...i called it...Banana flavor frog..ha2

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The white Assassin

520pm...cast alone at " snakehead superfortress " near village X .
Get two miss strikes ...cast my lure near tree trunk..Pop! get strike..i yank my rod and get hook up !..Yehoo...i catch 500grm haruan
Solid hook up!..haruan swallowed my lure
haruan with my weapons today...Shimano calcutta Conquest DC 100 + 20lb Deep Inpul braided + Expert Graphite rod
Catch and released...yeah!
My killer lure today..Surecatch Junior frog

Monday, October 4, 2010

Children of the corn

340pm...Explore new area with my friends..we called this place.." The corn farm "..let the hunt begin !
My only catch today...400grm haruan..yeah!
Seahawk Mini frog ...Solid hook up!..

Ridzuan catch 300grm haruan using Hanomiya frog
Nizam ( Labuan Caster) first catch..1.0kg haruan
Nizam ( Labuan Caster) second catch..300grm haruan

All haruan we catch...we released back...6pm..we pack our gear and back home..till next hunt.