Sunday, March 29, 2009

Haruan of Sungai Bangat

It been a week i not touching my fishing rod... i'm quiet busy with the school's work. Around 7am my nephew and i casting at Sungai Bangat.

My nephew trying to cast at shallow weedy areas

Unexpectedly the water was murky .The water level drops significantly , based on my experience the Haruan here will move from its cozy homes in he shallow weedy areas to the open water . Today i'm using Surecatch Froggy F22 ( glow /6.25cm/14g ).I cast the Froggy to the open water after seen some bubbles ...suddenly ...Pop!!..someting strike my lure ,the fish jumped once...confirming that it was a Haruan .It still tried heading for snag but it was becoming tired and able to kept from reaching the snag . Yehooo..finaly i cought 400grm Haruan .

Close-up view of juvenil Haruan

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Haruan of Lajau village : The revange

"Early birds get the worm"....i still 'hunted 'by haruan cought by Mr Ridzuan yesterday at this drain , today around 615am... my friends and i cast again at Lajau village

Notice the weedy edge ...certainly an ideal spot for haruan , i got lots of strike at that weedy edge today .

Close-up of the the lure... Seahawk mini frog s.p

At last...i cought 500grm Haruan..Yehooo!!

My weapon for hunting snakehead..Abu Garsia Black Max baitcast with 30lb Power pro and 6 feet Lemax Slim Max .

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Haruan of Lajau Village friend and i cast at road side drain near Lajau village

Wow!!!..Mr Ridzuan cought 1kg Haruan

Mr Ridzuan using Seahawk mini frog

Mr Ridzuan using Daiwa Regal Xia 2500 + Lemax Platanium 6'

What is this?... my day!get lot of strike but still not perfect hookup..tomorrow i will try again

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Haruan of Kinabenua Water gate

7pm...cast with Mr Ridzuan near the Kinabenua Water gate

I found small drain near the water saliva immediately dripped . But i didn't harbour any high was alredy late, after 3 cast with Surecatch Froggy ( Glow ) , i had the first hit...the fish jumped!

Yehooo!!...I cought 500grm haruan using Surecatch Froggy ( Glow ).
To friends out there asking me some tips about haruan bite,here some tips i take from Rod and Line magazine...there two types of haruan takes the bait . First , it's the hit and run style . Once you feel a load while retrieve your bait with a long stretch af bubbles folowing suit in your bait area . Usually,the fish already hooked .
Secondly , you can feel a gentle tap on the bait and a round of bubble surfacing at your bait area . You have two options , either give it strong yank or you can wait a little bit longer while pulling the bait slowly and strike when you feel a slightly heavier pull .
I normally opt for the first option because the appearance of the bubbles means that it has opened its mouth and mouthed the bait. Also,it's more exciting ti see the haruan and jump , compared to wait and strike!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gobimaru warrior vs Haruan

515pm today my friends..Mr Nizam ( aka Gobimaru warrior / Geckco ) , Mr Ridzuan and i cast at Kinabenua area again.

First catch by Mr Nizam ...300 grm haruan using Surecatch Gobimaru 90 7cm

Second catch by Mr Nizam ...900 grm haruan using Surecatch Gobimaru 90 7cm

Close up view of the Haruan with a Surecatch Gobimaru 90 7cm

Thirth catch by Mr Nizam ...200 grm haruan using Eupro cranbaite 2cm my day!...get lots of strikes but no hookup...i will back !

Kinabenua's haruan

5pm..i cast alone at Kinabenua area..Haruan playground with lots of weeds and open water

wow..!! what the beautifull flower

Hearing a quiet little plop , i turned in direction of the sound and saw some bubbles floating next to couple of stalks of grass . Casting the Surecatch Froggy that i added spin propeller past the rise , the propeller gurgled and churned its way on the surface .When it passed the stalks of grass, there was ' pop' ....500grm haruan hookup on my lure..Yehooo!!

This Haruan very aggressive

Close-up of haruan with my Abu Garsia Pro max snakehead hunting weapon

Monday, March 9, 2009

Forbidden snakehead heaven ?

Snakehead heaven...heaven for toman ( Channa Micropeltes ) and Haruan ( Channa Striatus )

3pm...Today i cast with my new friend..Mr Ridzuan at Forbidden Heaven , he will be my guide today..thank dude!

Today i'm using Surecatch Froggy ( yellow )...i added spin proppler

Ready for fight...look at that snaggy water..wooo!!!

snakehead hunter vs snakehead...great fight

Yehooo!!!..finaly i cought 1kg haruan

" Super whopper " with my Abu Garsia Pro Max baitcast + Lemax Slim Max Rod

Monday, March 2, 2009

The King of Shallow weedy

5pm..cast alone at Ranca-Ranca swamp after busy with art exhibition

Today i'm using Surecatch froggy ( glow series )

Yehooo...finaly i cought 300grm Haruan...small but give a good fight

After taken pictures..i release back to nature.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Visual Art Exhibition in Conjunction with Labuan Island Silver Jubilee Celebration

Oficiate by Deputy Minister of Federal Territory

Deputy Minister of Federal Territory with me

Mr Faizal ( Brunei artist )with me