Thursday, May 31, 2012

Snakehead pop..pop..booom!

540pm..cast with my friend at banana farm again ...yeah! let the hunt begin!

My friend..Ridzuan frist catch..bravo!

My friend ..Ridzuan second catch

After several trying lure..finally i using Hinomiya popper frog..cast near weedy area...pop...pop...pop...boooooom! get strike...yehoo!!!

Hinomiya popper frog..solid hook up!


Snakehead super weed

630am..cast with my friends at banana farm near Village X . Get lot of strike today

Cast near weedy area...miss hook up..than try again...pop!get strike..yehoo!!! i catch 40cm haruan

yeahh!!! seahawk mini frog swallowed by haruan

40cm haruan

My second catch 45cm haruan..strike near super weedy area

yeahh!!!...another solid hook up!

45cm haruan with my weapon

catch and released for future angler

3 pain killer

I'm back ! after one week going holiday at Langkawi Island with my my friends and i cast at Banana farm near Village X .

My first catch 40cm haruan...strike in the middle of drain..kakaboooom!

Surecatch junior frog swallowed by haruan

yehooo!!! my second catch...43cm haruan

yeahh!!! another solid hook up!

my third catch 43cm haruan
Solid hook up! haruan swallowed Surecatch junior frog
yeahh!!! 43cm haruan

Go...go..! thank for great strike

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Channa pain killer

After long time this week without any my friend and i cast at Fire Tiger swamp near Village X. Get lot of strike today...finally to i get my snakehead pain killer!
My friend...Nizam first catch.
My friend...Nizam second catch...bravo my friend!
My only catch today...yeahhh!!! 39cm snakehead...strike in super weedy area
Time to go Mr Channa

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Night with lady fish

650pm..cast with my friend at new area ..we called The Bombastik near Village X .
After several try..get strike in middle of pond...jumping to air..yehaaa!!!...i catch 30cm lady fish
Yeahh!!!...Rapala Skitter pop solid hook up!
30cm lady fish compare to my weapons
My friend ...Junnes catch big Lady fish using Rapala Skitter pop..yeahh! bravo
Go baby go!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

K-pop Snakehead

540pm...cast with my friends at Swamp we called The Hulk near Village X .
After several cast using Seahawk frog but no strike...than i change to River2sea Popper Bubble pop45...cast middle of swamp..pop...pop....pop! get one strike near tree trunk..yehooo!!!..i catch 29cm haruan
River2sea popper Bubble Pop45 solid hook up!
29cm haruan compare to my weapons...Shimano Calcutta 50XT + Major Craft Slicer rod
catch and released
My killer lure today...River2sea Popper Bubble Pop45
730am...explore new area with my friends...we called this swamp..The Firetiger
My friend..Ridzuan with Haruan
My first catch 33cm..yeahhhhhh!
Hinomiya frog solid hook up!
My second catch..40cm haruan..strike in the middle of swamp
Hinomiya frog swallowed by!
go...go..Mr Channa!