Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Snakehead hunter vs Haruan

5.30pm...my friend and i cast at swamp near Ranca-Ranca darat village .

The black swampy land...it was so black it looked like black tea that had brewing for long time...it was snakehead heaven .

Today i'm using Surecatch Mini froggy...among the best ever snakehead lure

Casting the Surecatch Mini froggy next to grassy patch , i retrieved the lure...almost immediately it disappeared with a vicious splash and shortly thereafter was rewarded...Yehooo!!!...i cought 500grm haruan .

Perfect hook up...

Thank for good fight!!...after taken pictures , i releasing haruan back to nature for fight another day...Nevermind what other people are doing...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Forbidden snakehead heaven

4pm..my friends and i go to the new fishing spot...it was forbidden area , but who care...we just want to fishing..ha..ha..from the picture you can see my friends ride motorcycles in front off my car .

It take about 10 minute to get there..we must walk into the thorny bush .

This is the new snakehead heaven we found...

This snaggy water full with haruan ( channa sitrus )and toman ( Channa Micropeltes )

Is this the new style of bait casting?..he..he..my friend Mr Nizam try to get the best position to cast snakehead .

My persistence finally paid off when my Surecatch froggy was duly taken . I was long ready for the moment and give it a hearty yank , before it had any chances of getting into weedy snag . I had tightened my Abu Garsia Black Max almost to fullest , and the fish had no chance againtst my brutal reaction . In the end , it was dragged out together with a huge bunch of weeds....Yehoo...500grm haruan , it certainly made my day .

The result of using non-traditional lure can be quite magical . Surecatch froggy for catching " whopper "is confirmed beyond doubt .

Friday, February 20, 2009

Secret recipe

4.30pm...today i cast alone at Ranca-Ranca swamp

My killer lure..Surecatch froggy but today i add Surecatch propeller spinner

Persistently working with the lure paid off

Yes!!!...today i cought 1kg haruan...Yehooo...finally , something decent for the camera

Snakehead with my weapon..Abu garsia Black Max baitcast + Lemax Slim Max rod + Power Pro braid

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blackwater Channa sitrus

5.30pm...i cast at Ranca-Ranca swamp, i brought out six inch Gulp softbait in the shape of a lizard . Casts for while but did not attract any interest so i change to my killer lure...

My killer lure...Surecatch mini froggy

I did not give it any chance after the jump . Using brute force..i pumped it in shortest possible time . open landing , i noticed that was no sign of my lure...Swallowing it down deeply , its wanting to consume my whole frog in one gulp was deemed by me as a compliment on the effectivess of my lure presentation .

The sweet satisfaction ....finally after almost 1 week without any catch...Yehooo 500grm haruan i cought...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Labuan island visual art teacher exhibition of 2009

Labuan island Visual art teachers with me

My artworks...periuk kera ( nepentes ) and frog

Artwork by my friend..Mr Asmat

Artwork by my friend..Mr Azizi

Artwork by my friend Mr Abal

My artwork

Director of Education Department...amaze with my artwork

Me with Director of Education Department...i'm so proud taken pictures with him

Director of Education Department...showing his art talent

The visitors can also draw and playing with colour

Wait for my next art exhibition...next month

The new snakehead hunter?

5pm..my friends and i cast at Ranca-ranca swamp

Woooo...first 500grm Haruan cought by mr Nizam

What?...second 500grm haruan cought by Mr Nizam...the new snakehead hunter

Hu..hu..hu..not my day! zero catch for me..he..he

Friday, February 6, 2009

Snakehead jigger ?

5.15pm...Ranca-ranca swamp, hearing a quiet little plop , i turned in direction of that sound and saw some bubbles floating next too a couple of stalks of grass . Casting the Viva mini frog past the rise , when the lure passed the stalks of grass , there was a " pock " sound but no hookup . Then i change to my killer lure...

My killer lure...Surecatch Mini froggy

As i approached the flooded grassy areas the water meandered it's way between the grassy patches . Casting the Surecatch next to a grassy patch and then i try jigging the lure ...almost immeditiately its disappeared with a vicious splash...Yehooooo!!...yes!..finally i cought 700grm haruan

Haruan ( Channa sitrus ) is traditionally taken on live frog and they are said to show disinterest in artificial lures most of time...i prove it all wrong

Monday, February 2, 2009

Double strike!!

5pm..my friends and i hunt haruan at Ranca-Ranca swamp

First strike!!...400grm haruan cought by Mr Nizam

Frog are part of haruan diet , effort to imitate these frog such as placing it on a leaf and shake it a bit will trick the haruan .

Second strike!!..Yehooo!!...i cought 500grm haruan

Perfect hook-up..

The result of using non-traditional lures can be quite magical