Sunday, October 28, 2012

8 little predator

Cast with my friends this morning near Village X .
After tring saveral lure...finally get strike near super weedy area...yeahh! my first snakehead  catch this morning
My second catch
My third catch
My fourth catch
My fifth catch..yeahhh! this is snakehead heaven 
My friend ...ridzuan catch two snakehead..bravo my friend !
My friend..Ardito catch one snakehead
Catch and released..yeahh!

Toxic lake

Cast with my friends at " Toxic lake " near Village X . My first cast get strike in the middle of the lake...yank my rod ...yeahhh!.
My second catch
My third catch
Terminator T1 spinnerbite rock !
My fourth catch snakehead...yeahhh!..this is snakehead heaven! all snakehead i released back to nature...till next hunt

Monday, October 22, 2012

Scum : The snakehead killer

Cast with my friend this morning near Village X .
Get lot of miss hook up this morning when using Seahawk mini frog...than i change to scum frog , get strike...yeahh! i catch 40cm snakehead

catch and released..yeahh!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

7 predator

cast with my friends at " Toxic lake " near Village X  today .
my first cast...get strike near tree trunk , yeahhh!!!...
my second catch...double hook up!
My third catch..yeahh!!!
Ardito second catch
Ardito third catch
Junnes only catch today

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good morning Mr Channa

Cast with my friends near Village X .
My first catch 30cm snahead using Hinomiya frog
My second catch 39cm snakehead
Kimkas popper solid hook up on Mr Channa
yeahh!!! go ..go Mr Channa!

Double snakehead

Cast with my  friends near Village x .
Sfter several trying ...finally get strike near weddy area...yeah! i catch 43cm snakehead
Hinomiya frog solid hook up!

before back home..My friend...Ridzuan catch big mama Giant snakehead using Terminator T1 Spinnerbite...barvo 

Google lake

Explore new area with my friends today...we called this lake ..." Google lake " near Village X .
After several miss hook up when using soft plastic frog , than i change to  matrix spoon . Cast  in the middle of the lake , get strike ...yeah! i catch 40cm snakehead 
super combo!...Matrix spoon combine with Berkley Powerbite grub

catch and released..yeah!

Friday, October 12, 2012

high pressure pond

Cast with my friend at " high pressure pond " near Village x
Cast almost 1 hour without any strike...than my last cast before  back home get strike by small snakehead...yeahh! i catch 27cm snakehead
Solid hook up on Kimkas super frog
oyeeehhhh!!...time to go

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Little predator

Cast near Village X today...get lot of miss hook up today
Only catch 29cm snakehead today using Seahawk mini frogy
catch and released..yeah!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Megatron 2.0 cc

Cast with my friends at " Megatron " near Village X today . 

My first cast get strike by megatron size snakehead...yeahhh!!! finally i catch 2kg /57cm haruan this year 

Hinomiya frog on snakehead 

 yeahhhh!!! Megatron size snakehead
My second catch today...39cm snakehead using Hinomiya frog
time to go Big Mama ! thank for great fight