Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Major Craft Corkish : First blood

430pm...cast with Labuan Snakehead Hunters at " L drain" near Village X .

Our weapons today!..today i want to test my new weapon...Major Craft Corkish CKC-664M rod

After two times miss hook up..finally get one big strike in the middle of drain..Booooom!!!..yehooo...i catch 45cm haruan

Scum frog solid hook up!

my first catch with my new weapon

My second catch 39cm haruan..strike near weedy area

Scum frog do it again!

My friend..Victor catch two haruan..bravo!

Total catch today 7 snakehead...all snakehead we released back to nature...till next hunt!...yeahhhhhhh!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

King of the hole !

5pm...Cast with my friends at Banan farm near Village X.

It so hard to cast today...the water level is low...full with weed and strong wind . Cast my Hinomiya frog inside water hole near weedy area...Pop!!!...get strike..Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!...i catch 34cm haruan

Hinomiya frog solid hook up!

My friend...Ridzuan first catch...he cast Hinomiya frog inside water hole near weedy area.

Hinomiya frog solid hook up!

Ridzuan second catch...bravo!

Time to go!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

morning pain killer

720am...cast alone at " crocodile swamp " near Village X . Cast almost 30 minute without any strike.

Change my lure to Eupro pop frog...cast in the middle of the swamp..get strike..pop!!!..yehooo!!!..i catch 35cm haruan.

Ho...ho..ho ! haruan swallowed Eupro pop frog !

Eupro pop frog the killer lure this morning

Catch and realased!

Wind of change

540pm..cast with my friends near Banana farm ...i so hard to cast today , the wind so strong.

After several times trying to cast in strong wind..finally i manage to cast my Hinomiya frog into the weeds...get one small strike...pop!..yehooo!!!..i catch 27cm haruan

Hinomiya frog strike again!

My friend..Ardy with his catch..bravo!

haruan swallowed seahawk mini frog

Time to go!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

10 minutes searching for love ?

6pm...after long meeting at office...back from office , just cast 10 minutes at " crocodile swamp" near Village X .

After 2 time miss hoo up...i cast Eupro pop frog near dead tree trunk...get strike from under tree trunk..pop!..yehooo!!!..i catch 29cm haruan

Eupro Pop frog solid hook up!..yeahhhhhhh!

Catch and released !

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snakehead from crocodile swamp

540pm...cast with my friend at " Crocodile swamp "....actualy at this swamp my lure hook up by crocodile. .. Today i try my luck again.

After several miss hook up..finally get one strike near super weedy area..yehoo!!!..i catch 34cm haruan

Eupro pop frog black solid hook up!

I released after take pictures..yeahhh...tilll next fight!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good morning Mr Snakehead !

645am...cast with my friends at " The L drain " near Village X .

My first cast...get strike near weedy area..booom!!!...yehooo!!!...i catch 42cm haruan using River2sea Bully Wa 55 frog

River2sea Bully wa 55 swallowed by Mr Snakehead!

Go ...go Mr Snakehead ! till next fight !

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snakehead super junior

530pm..Cast with my friends at "Angry bird " near Village X . Cast almost 1 hour without any strike...last cast before back home...get one strike ...yeahhh!!!..i catch 35cm haruan

Surecatch Junior frog solid hook up!

My weapons with 35cm haruan

Ridzuan first catch

Ridzuan second catch..bravo!...all snakehead we released back to the drain