Sunday, July 24, 2011

Toman Green Curry !!!

740am..cast with my friend at " Double Blade" near Village X . Let the hunt begin !

Looking for fry balls ( young snakeheads who as fry stay together in a big “ball” called fry balls )... and on seeing one ... cast a lure near as possible to the “ball”. The parents immediately and savagely attack my lure..kakabooooooooooooommm!!!..yeahhh!!! on! on!... yeahhh!!!..i catch 3 kg Giant Snakehead ! Yehooo!!!

solid hook up !

"Mr Green Curry " with my weapons...DAIWA Ryoga 1016H + C3 Expert Graphite rod

Thank for great fight !!!..till we meet again " Mr Green curry "
My killer lure this morning...COBRA LG frog
End my morning with big bowl of fish soup for breakfast....ahhh!!! what a wonderful day !

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pirates of Snakehead

530pm..cast with my friend drain near Village X .
After several cast..get one strike near weedy area...pop!..yeahhh!!! i catch 45cm haruan
wow! haruan swallowed my lure....Hanomiya Popper frog

45cm haruan with my weapons today...ABU GARCIA Vendetta rod + Shimanno Calcutta Conquest 100 DC

My friend..Mr Ridzuan catch 3 haruan today using hanomiya frog..superb!!!
wow! solid hook up... Hanomiya frog swallowed by haruan

catch and released for future anglers...yeahhh!!!..till next fight !

Friday, July 15, 2011

Labuan Streetfighter ... my article in SIRIP ( the most top fishing magazine in Malaysia)

Today i was very article was publish in SIRIP magazine July issue , this magazine was top fishing magazine in Malaysia , Singapore , Brunei and Indonesia . If you look at the magazine cover , you can see title.." Labuan Streetfighter ". ..yeahhh!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kota Kinabalu Snakehead hunters

Sunday 10 Julai... my family and i visit kota Kinabalu ..State of Sabah...had short snakehead casting trip with my friends from Kota Kinabalu Snakehead hunters at " Snakehead Kung Fu" near Village X .
Just my second cast..get one great strike in the middle of the swamp..yeahhh!!!..i catch 42cm haruan
Close up view..haruan swallowed Surecatch Junior frog ( Fire Tiger)
42cm haruan with my weapons..Shimanno Calcutta 50XT + OFMER TANGO rod
My friend...Big bos of KBS tackle shop..catch 60cm!
Close up view...big mama haruan with Hanomiya frog


60cm haruan compare to my! megatron size!
My friend..Mr Frenki with his catch
My friend..Mr Erwan with his catch
My friend..Mr Mark

Till next my friend Mr Mark..thank for great snakehead fishing trip..yeahh!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Green pain killer

540pm..cast with my friend at " The Grave" near Village X .
wow! first cast...get one strike ..yehoo!!!...i catch 29cm haruan !

wow!!!...solid hook up...cloase up view haruan with Surecatch junior frog ( fire tiger)

29cm haruan with my weapons...Shimanno Calcutta 50XT + Expert Graphite rod

till next fight...bye-bye!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

10 day searching for great love

After almost 10 day busy with work at my school...finally today i"m free like a bird ...cast with my friend at Double Blade near Village X. Let the hunt begin...!
After trying several lure...finally i change to Rapala Skitter pop ...popping in the middle of the lake..get one great strike..Booooooooommmm!!!..yeahhh!!!...i catch Giant Snakehead
Yeahhh!!!..solid hook up...Rapala Skitter Pop Lime frog

yeahh!!!..49cm Giant snakehead / toman with my weapons..DAIWA Ryoga 1016H +Expert Graphite rod

it time to go...yeahh!!! catch and released